Saturday, June 20, 2009


being Mother-of-the-Bride (aka Wedding Planner) seems to be taking every waking moment. The big event is four weeks today, after the hoo-ha has all died down, normal service will be resumed.

A month before the wedding I checked my lists and see

Twelve dozen chairs

Eleven kilos strawberries

Ten dozen canapes

Nine cases Champers

Eight flavours of ice cream

Seven waiters waiting

Six punts a-punting

Five tiers of cake

Four mobile loos

Three types of cheese*

Two gorgeous bouquets


One very large marquee!

Not to mention one organic Hog Roast, eight litres dried flower petals for confetti, 17 bottles of Mrs
Dart's Excellent Elderflower Cordial, one firkin of ale, two djs, seven dozen quail's eggs, a truckload of salads, 4 sides of smoked salmon; and last but by no means least, 150 meters of wedding bunting made by my own fair hand - for which I expect to get The Best Mother in the World Award.

* Colston Bassett Stilton, Clava, Lincolnshire Poacher