Thursday, April 29, 2010


But a word or two of explanation is necessary to explain why I have been posting so sporadically. 

Since December I have been having some eye problems which have made life tricky, but the good news is that I am due to have an eye op tomorrow and with any luck that will sort things out. 

My other challenge has been that the DH who had been away in China for 5 weeks, returned to say that at the beginning of June we are moving to live in Beijing. 

We won't be there all the time, but will spend about 9 weeks there, then 6-8 weeks back in the UK, then another 9 weeks or so in China, and so on and so forth - and this will continue for about 2 years. An apartment is being provided for us in Beijing.

The house we have been renting for the past couple of years has a prospective buyer, so we are packing everything up and it will go into store for the duration, and we will just have a small pied-a-terre here in the UK.
So here I am, surrounded by boxes, feverishly packing stuff, planning a huge farewell party for mid-May, and psyching myself up for tomorrow's op.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and glad to know you plan to keep on blogging! So sorry to hear of the eye problems but I'm sure things will go just fine tomorrow and you'll be back to normal soon. As for your moving--all I can say is WOW! I too live in two different cities but at least they are in the same country (USA) and I stay for long periods (several months or more) in one and just a week or so in my hometown. I'd hate to have to store everything--good luck with that and the moving back and forth! And have a great time exploring Beijing too!

Bybee said...

Oh my gosh! Big life changes! Good luck with your eye op recovery. We'll practically be neighbors when you're in Beijing!

MOTB said...

Good luck with the op - and the change in address.
I hope you manage to keep blogging, however sporadically. I realised I had almost run out of things to say as Mother of the Bride so I am trying out a new incarnation at lifeinthelondonsuburbs. Do drop in if you have time. MOTB

MOTB said...

Whoops - too many ssssss in the URL - this one should work

Teuchter said...

Hope all went well with the surgery - and the packing.
And good luck with your move.

(Have been having problems with emails and hope you got my response a few weeks ago.)

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I hope everything went well. Come back soon! XX

Anonymous said...

Herschelian has arrived in China - with much minor adventure! Her blog will continue soon, but she has to change her blog account to Wordpress as there is a problem in China with publication from this account. Watch this space! She is making promises!

Bruno said...

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